DevOps and Automation

Deploying applications quickly and efficiently

There are many kinds of infrastructure that needs to be provisioned and configured for a modern application to work. Application Servers, Web Servers, Load Balancers, and Databases, to name a few of the ever growing list. DevOps aims to enable us to deploy applications faster to production allowing applications to get to market quicker. Speed is the key but not at the cost of accuracy. Consistent and repeatable environments can be achieved, at speed, by automating repetitive tasks that are often subject to human mistakes.

Cloud Services

Manage your cloud inventory on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud with our DevOps services. Quickly and precisely commission servers on the platforms you choose to suit the needs of the to run your application.

Adopting the DevOps movement in your companies infrastructure can mean faster delivery, better collaboration between teams, and better overall processes. These benefits are not only for the cloud based solutions but also the traditional enterprise. 

Private Cloud Solutions

VTECH-Pods is a private cloud solution in the making. We use Vagrant, Ansible and Gradle extensively to ensure that we can spin up a pod quickly and consistently. 

As well as provisioning and managing resources Ansible can also orchestrate complex rolling upgrades every time there is an approved code change. Ansible is not just limited to managing servers. It can also manage Network Switches, Routers, Firewalls, and Load-Balancers.