Networking at its smoothest

Setting up a network is the easy part but having it run smoothly is another story. Let us take on your network and we’ll never allow your systems to stop talking to one another.

Network Design

As your network provider, we will design next generation networks,
configuring a network solution to operate optimally within your
organization. We design networks within a Layer 2, Layer 3 topology
that scales and performs optimally for Hyper-scaled environments.

Network Deployment

Villa-Tech’s partners will benefit from our Professional Services to provide advance insight into deploying full capacity and optimized network design solutions for you. With advance experience in deploying networks globally, we have learned to listen to the business objectives and in return we deliver a network that meets your vision and goals.

Network Audit

We help you keep track of what is really going on within your business’ systems. Villa-Tech’s partners can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Professional Service team to audit the current state of your network and deliver recommendations that will enhance your network health status.

Data Connector’s Tech Security Conference

Villa-Tech attended Data Connector’s Tech Security Conference this past Wednesday, April 14th. The event featured over 40 vendors showcasing their products in the data security industry as well as an overview of the current issues presented in networks today. The primary focus was regarding the issues with security for data traversing through a network.

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4K Surveillance – Is Your Network Ready?

The next generation of IP Video Surveillance is with 4K resolution. 4K resolution produces 4 times the quality of Full HD 1080p. Essentially, the amount of pixels produced is 4 times greater than what is seen in a 1080p quality picture ultimately resulting in a greater amount of clarity. This further enhances key analytical features that customers depend on. Analytical features such as tracking multiple entities, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and predictive behaviors are only the initial steps toward a fully-featured surveillance system.

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Installation and Features of Cisco VIRL

Cisco has released VIRL and provided another strong tool for Network Engineers to utilize when designing, building, troubleshooting, and even studying for any level of certification. Once bypassing the installation process, it is evidently clear that VIRL provides a variety of functionality, and being able to use this powerful tool benefits any level Network Engineer.

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